New and oddity


I'm rather new to this list and to Gtk+, and I'm mainly
here to look at the development discussions while trying
to catch the whole Gtk+ code meaning. I'm mainly
considering the multi-charset problems in Gtk+.
This mail goes here rather than to i18n list because
it's more about details of implementation, and not
long scope i18n considerations.

Anyway, I've used Gtk+ and found something odd in
gdk_text_width_wc() (gdkfont.c). When I used it, it
always returned 0 (zero). Looking at the code shows
that if the font is a real 16bit, then the functions
answers zero.

Is this by choice ? Or just a lacking feature ?
(a call to XTextWidth16 here seems to work)

Again in the gdk_char_width_wc, the 16bit case
is ignored. But a remark in gdk_char_width is
worrying about the 16bit case (where , for me,
it shouldn't worry, as gdk_char_width function
name seems to show that only 8bit coding are
considered here).

One other thing, which I haven't seen discussed in the
archives (neither in the i18n list) is a problem with
gtk_text. When selecting a word by double-click,
gtk_text calls isalnum to check word boundaries.
As expected, if I'm in a non-accentuated locale and
I want to display accentuated charsets, or even far-east
charsets, the isalnum() is lost, and the selection is
half made (that is, it is blocked by accents).

As long as I stay in one locale, there's no problem,
as soon as I want xtext to display different texts from
different charset, isalnum has no more meaning. Well,
that's one of the libc limitations considering i18n...

Is there something planned for that ? I would consider
to stop on blocking characters (set to be defined,
but things as space, quotes,...) for western languages.
Defining blocking characters would work better than
defining what is a alpha numeric character, as they
are more commonly shared among western languages.


~~/^-^\~~     Sylvain "Murdock" Glaize,
  \` '/       Mokona/MokoPlus on Irc (IrcNet/EfNet)
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