Re: Gmodule stuff.


> hm, ok that patch looks basically ok to me, besides some odd
> line breaking ;)

I think, that is due to diff -b, which I'm doing.

> though i think you btter do:
> -+             g_module_set_error ("libtool archive has wrong format");
> ++             g_module_set_error ("libtool archive has unknown format");
> since i consider GModule a pretty unauthoritative source as
> far as libtool archive formats are concerned ;)

Yes, agreed ;-)

Actually I noticed, that

was already fixed by you. So I closed it. 

But another chagge I did was to really let NULL be an allowed value for an
exported symbol (see change in gmodule-dl.c) and I added tests/module-test
(mostly copied from testgmodule, of course, but quiet).

Additionally I added a recursive mutex in most gmodule calls as you proposed.

Sebastian Wilhelmi
mailto:wilhelmi ira uka de

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