Re: list filtering

On Wed, 13 Dec 2000, JЖrgen Sigvardsson wrote:


 I think that this function is useful. But I recommend the names
 as STL calls this operation that way.

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> I have implemented list filtering functions for my own purpose since there 
> were none in glib.
> typedef gboolean (*GPredicateFunc)(gpointer data, gpointer cond);
> GList* g_list_filter & g_slist_filter(GList* list, GList** filtered_elements, 
> GPredicateFunc f, gpointer filter_cond)
> It scans through the list. For every element which fulfills the filter 
> condition, the element is removed from list and put on filtered_elements. The 
> result is two lists: The remaining elements are returned, while the elements 
> which were removed are in *filtered_elements (in no particular order).
> Would this functionality be interesting for glib? If so tell me where I can 
> send a patch.
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