Re: [PATCH] glib/gmem.c patch

On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, Art Haas wrote:

> Hi.
> If glib is configured with `--enable-mem-check', g_free() never calls
> free(). The below patch moves the free() call outside the #ifdef, and
> takes a stab at not bombing if the pointer would be freed more than once.
> The patch is against 1.3.2, but the code is basically the same in 1.2.8.

not calling free() for --enable-mem-check is intentional.

> Perhaps this could go into 1.2.9? It might close of couple of bugs
> pertaining to memory leaks listed in the gnome-bug page.

i doubt that, if someone knows about --enable-mem-check, he'll pretty quickly
figure that _all_ memory of his program is leaked ;)


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