Re: region to bitmap conversion functions

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Ron Steinke wrote:

> 	I have uploaded a patch (gtk-rsteinke-001130-0.patch.gz) to
> containing functions for converting GdkBitmap to/from GdkRegion. This patch
> contains the new functions:
> GdkRegion* gdk_region_create_from_bitmap
>                          (GdkBitmap      *bitmap,
>                           gint           *width,
>                           gint           *height);
> GdkBitmap* gdk_bitmap_create_from_region
>                          (GdkRegion *region,
>                           gint width,
>                           gint height);

Did you have a specific reason for doing this? I ask, because they will
very nice to have when implementing shaped windows in GtkFB, almost like
they were made for that.

/ Alex

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