possible bug: clist column double click

This is very minor, but...

GTK Version: 1.2.8
Current (working) behavior: double clicking an item in this CList pops
up a modal dialog.
To cause problem: when the mouse is over the column separator, and the
cursor is the double arrow, double click.
Problem: program is no longer responsive.  Mouse is grabbed, so it is
unusable until the program is stopped.
Workaround: use window manager keys to switch to the terminal the
program was ran from, and CTL-C.

It's probably producible under different circumstances, too.
Ideally, you'd detect (in your button_press_event handler) that they
weren't clicking on an actual item, but I don't know how that could be
I don't know if this is really a bug, but it's probably worth noting.

Evan Martin - eeyem@u.washington.edu

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