Re: proposal: built-in gtk's support for ability to specify alternativegtkrc files to load using commandline switch

On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, Vlad Harchev wrote:

>  Hi!
>  I think it would be nice if all gtk applications supported (due to builtin
> support in gtk_init()) a commandline switch named something like --gtkrc, that
> has a parameter - the list of gtkrc files to load. It's easy to implement
> (just call gtk_rc_set_default_files() or gtk_rc_add_default_file()), but makes
> all gtk apps more flexible.
>  To be elaborate, I propose one variant of the syntax for the parameter to
> that commandline switch:
>  The parameter is comma separated list of gtkrc filenames (not colon since
> it's used in pathname on Win32). If the 1st item of the list of filenames is
> plain dot ".", then it has the special meaning - the filelist will be added to
> the set of gtk rc files to be parsed, rather than replacing it entirely.
> Otherwise (if 1st element in the path is not plain dot), the list of default
> gtkrc files is replaced with the specified.
>  Also, I think ability to read some environmental variable (like GTKRCS) whose
> value obeys the same syntax would be a plus IMO (since it allows to request
> loading different set of gtkrc files withour changing commandlines of
> applications).
>  What do you think about this?
>  Best regards,
>   -Vlad

 Could anybody comment on this? Will you accept the patch implementing this?

 Best regards,

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