Re: widget colors/fonts

Martijn van Beers <> writes: 
> So the reaction to cluebie FAQs is now to accomodate them? I'd really
> hate to see this being used. And don't think it'll be limited to 'in-house'
> apps either. If there's an lame, but easy method to do something, cluebies
> will flock to it. Just make themes do better at specifying additional colors
> and add a FAQ entry, please.

I don't agree. If tons of people want to do something, and it can be
done with hackarounds, they will do it anyway. For example the Harlow
book tells them how to do this. Most people end up doing it, but doing
it wrong. And they'll think GTK is annoying to use since they had to
waste time on this issue.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to set widget color, for
example the labels on the notebook tabs of XChat that turn red for new
messages and blue for new messages containing your nick.

If an app randomly sets all colors, then it's going to be some crappy
thing with clueless developers anyway.


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