TODO list item: Customizable double-click timeout

OK, the subject might seem to indicate that I have done this, and I
haven't. I can, however. But before I do, I have a question. What is the
right place to look for this configuration value? Some addition to the
gtkrc file? What form would that be in? I'm very interested in having

Along similar lines, I have another question (I think it's a similar
sort of question). One thing that's always bugged me about GTK+ is the
spacing of the menu items in a menu bar. The items have a border around
them, but you must go all the way over to the next item over before it
will highlight. It's hard to describe: To move back and forth between two
items, you have to move over a certain amount of "dead space" that won't
cause the trigger. Dunno if I've explained it right. It's asymmetrical,
it doesn't trigger the change in the middle. I think that's about as well 
as I can do. I know this was designed in on purpose, but it really bothers
me, and in my personal versions of GTK+, I've taken that out, and made the
highlighting of the menu items symmetrical. This is really easy to do, I
just changed  in gtkmenubar.c #define CHILD_SPACING 3 to #define
CHILD_SPACING 0, and in gtkmenuitem.c #define BORDER_SPACING 3 to #define
BORDER_SPACING 5. As I said, I realize this was intentional, but as long
as someone is going to make the double-click time configurable (and that
could be me, just gotta know where to put the config info), could someone
do something similar for the menu item spacing thing I just mentioned (I
mean, I could do it, too, but would people like that?)? It seems it would
be a similar type of thing to do. 

Figured I'd ask, anyhow. 
   - David :) 

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