Re: Owen's Pango Status Report #4

Antonio Campos <> writes:

> In the Pango Status Report #4, Owen says:
> "TODO highlights:
>     The projects I intend to tackle next are:
>            .
>            .
>            .
>     - Write the necessary Pango functions to get proper arrow-key
>       behavior in GtkEntry.
> "
> What does this last thing mean?

No, it means that in Hebrew or Arabic text, the right arrow should
move right, not forward in the string.

When I switch GtkEntry over to GtkBindingSet, I will make GDK_KP_RIGHT
behave the same as GDK_RIGHT. I will NOT try to deal with
second-guessing the keyboard configuration.

The standard setup for XFree86 treats Shift + GDK_KP_RIGHT as a 6.
We should insert a 6 into the buffer. If you want something different,
configure your keyboard that way.

Hope this settles the issue. 

> The problem is in the widgets that need movement + selecting at the same
> time (like GtkEntry, GtkText, GtkClist, others?), because you have to
> press an arrow plus the Shift key, and here comes the problem, because
> for example:
> but
> The big problem is knowing if the Num Lock key is on, because is changes
> the semantic of the GDK_SHIFT_MASK. But which key is the Num Lock
> one? The programmer only can know that is a GDK_MODi_MASK, with i
> between 1 and 5. So, no way to know it.

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