Re: insensitive tooltips

> Either way, you still need to store the insensitive text, and pop up
> tooltips on insensitive widgets. Same coding job.

	Yeah, I just get irked when U.I.s switch language contexts without
rhyme or reason.

	The guys at Netscape should smack themselves for starting this

Edit->Cut	(Category->Action)
Edit->Copy	(Category->Action)
Edit->Paste	(Category->Action)
Edit->Select All (Category->Action)
Edit->Properties (WTF?!  When did this become Action->Object?)

	...or even worse, in Microsoft Outlook:

Tools->Address Book	(Category->Object)
Tools->Autosignature	(Category->Object)
Tools->Options...	(WTF?  Since when are Options (aka Preferences) a 
Tool?  It took me forever to find this...)

	Overall, Microsoft Outlook (which is forced upon me by my
employer) is horrible about switching language contexts...

	Perhaps the tooltip API could be designed that you could not
*replace* the text, but simply add extra text for insensitive widgets.

	Anyway, </RANT>.


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