Re: TODO:Improve Radio/Checkbutton Look

Dan Siemon <> writes:

> I am considering taking on the above GTK+ todo.
> Having not contributed to GTK+ before any pointers to specific parts of
> the source or other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

You will want to get in touch with Anders Carlson <>.
He's looked at this some and I think he has some prototype code.

Fixing this basically requires two things. It mostly is a matter of
rewriting gtk/gtkstyle.c:gtk_default_draw_{check,option}.

However, since the size passed to these functions is currently too
small to draw nice-looking windows style check and radio buttons, you
will probably need to change the way layout is done in
gtkcheckbutton.c and gtkradiobutton.c to provide more space for the
draw_check() and draw_option() functions.


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