Bug in gtkgamma.h

Tomi Ollila writes:
 > Definition GTK_GAMMA_CURVE_CLASS has `gtk_gamma_curve_get_type' instead
 > of `gtk_gamma_curve_get_type()'.

 > Header files: 
 > gtkcolorsel.h gtkcombo.h gtkdrawingarea.h gtkgamma.h gtkhandlebox.h
 > gtkhbbox.h gtkhpaned.h gtkhruler.h gtkplug.h gtkpreview.h gtkruler.h
 > gtksocket.h gtkstatusbar.h gtktoolbar.h gtkvbbox.h gtkvpaned.h gtkvruler.h
 > Doesn't declare gtk_.*_get_type() function to return type GtkType
 > but just `guint'. Not so consistent...

I committed a fix for these, and some other inconsistencies. It
shouldn't have any effect on binary compatibility.


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