Re: GTK+ redraw programs

On 6 Sep 1999, Owen Taylor wrote:

> [ resend to get the headers right. You'd think that _I'd_ know
>   that gtk-devel-list was Sorry about that  ]
> Hi guys,
> Could you try out the following patch to gtkwidget.c. I have
> a hunch that what is happening is that expose events on widgets
> that get queued for resize after the initial show are getting
> discarded.

yes, and that is right because widgets that are queued for resizes
are also queued for a redraw (which opposed to expose events will
redraw recursively if the widget is a container), that's the whole
point of the expose event discarding code.
if this fix actually matters for people, it means that we have
problems in the redraw queue.

>                                         Owen


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