some helpful elisp

I was in a elispy mood today and wrote up a couple of
handy functions and packaged them into a small minor
mode - egtk-mode.

The functions there are:

 egtk-insert-cast: [ bound to C-c g ]

   Insert the correct cast for the function name before the
   point. That is if you type:

    gtk_window_set_title (

  and then C-c g, you get:

    gtk_window_set_title (GTK_WINDOW (

 egtk-format-protos: [ bound to C-c p ]

   Formats a block of function prototypes aligned in the
   GTK+ style.

I'll probably be extending this minor-mod in the future
to incorporate a bunch of the elisp for GTK+ / GNOME
that is floating around:

 - Inserting doc headers
 - Looking up functions in the RDP
 - Inserting the GTK+ object boiler-plate.

But for now, I thought these were pretty neat.


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