Re: is gtk 64-bit proff ?

> > We would like to compile an application under Dec, and we are obliged to
> > use a 64-bits compiler ... Does anyone know if there is ( or not) any
> > trouble with gtk under 64 bits ?

	I've never used Gtk+ on a 64-bit platform, so I cannot speak to
that, but it is built on top of Glib, which is 64-bit clean, so
theoretically Gtk+ is too.  Glib even includes 64-bit integer types
(gint64 and guint64) on 64-bit systems.

	Unless somebody built widgets which use int/char/etc. instead of
gint/gchar/etc., you're safe.  I sincerely hope that there aren't any
non-Glib types in Gtk+ :).


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