Re: Parbox


>> If not, I'm wondering if it would be technically possible (not too slow using
>> the GTK widget paradigm) to make such a container holding possibly a
>> tremendous number of children - words in a text processor, pixmaps in a
>> file/picture browser, misc. widgets in a programmer interface, etc.


> You really can't use a widget for every word in a document - widgets
> aren't _huge_ objects but they aren't insignificant in size either, and
> the time to create lots of GtkObjects can add up after a while. You
> probably don't want to use widgets for this.


This was the kind of guidance I wanted, to the point. I need to implement
something like this sooner or later, and I'm homing in on a model to use for
it, in the range [GTK on all levels] to [Manually drawing in a GTK area].

I suppose what I'll do, then, is implement the more common visual elements -
text and markup - in my own lightweight structures.

If I make use of (or subclass) the fixed layout container, I should be able
to flow generic GtkWidgets in the area too, wrapping them as with words.
These could then be used sparsely, if the application programmer so decides.

I've been thinking of plugin binaries too, rendering certain custom elements.
Those could then be provided with a GtkDrawingArea (or similar GTK-based)
interface to render/interact through.

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