Re: gtk redraw improvement

Derek Simkowiak wrote:

> [re: Gtk+ being too slow in redrawing:]
> > I think that the pixmap method described earlier could totally resolve
> > the problem, couldn't it?
>         Why do people keep posting that Gtk+ is slow to redraw?
>         Havoc has said that Gtk+ redraws are fast because they are so
> close so Xlib.  I believe him.  In my experience, Gtk+ redraws are fairly
> fast (I've never noticed them being slow).
>         Are these people just confusing slowness in Gnome with slowness in
> Gtk+?  Or are they confusing single-buffered flickering with slowness of
> redraw?  Or is some extra pixmap buffering system really called for?
>         ...and in answer to the double-buffering question of the original
> poster, it wouldn't make redraws faster, but *smoother*.  Things like
> smooth scrolling (as found in MS-Windows) would happen without flickering.
> --Derek
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So, are all those improvements going into the API...?
I think that a widget set for the future has be smooth. By now, KDE is by far
smoother than GTK.
So, I think is a very very important think to have in mind...

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