Re: Plans for drawing in GDK-1.4.

Alexander Piskunov <> wrote:
> This is what I always wanted to see in GTK+.
> Today opaque resize is completely unusable on my Pentium 120, S3 V+, but
> when I switch to Win95, difference is _very_ noticeable. I don't know if
> Win9x toolkit uses backing pixmap, but opaque resize is _much_ faster.
> The same goes for expose/redraw events.
> So using offscreen drawing is definitely a very good idea:)

i'm not sure this is the reason. a lot of Windows stuff i've seen doesn't
actually resize the contents of the window until the user finishes resizing
the window frame.

whatever, low-level support for double-buffered drawing is long overdue.
the change to gint coordinates makes sense too. from my point of view,
the scrolling changes are less of a priority, and problems there should be
ameliorated at least in part by double-buffering.

i'm not sure i'd have the two suggested routines, though. why not have
this done by default, with a flag to turn it off, rather than make it
necessary for people to explicitly use double-buffering?

on the subject of scrolling, will the set_scroll_adjustments stuff go into
GtkWidget? that would be nice.

"As the Chinese say, 1001 words is worth more than a picture."
	-- John McCarthy

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