Re: CList glitch (some kind o off-topic response)

John Cupitt <> writes:

> LISP lists have some advantages over C++ interators: because they are
> recursive data structures (take the tail of a list, you still have a list),
> lots of list manipulation operators have simple recursive implementations. 

This is because iterators aren't for lists only.

> For example, mkset() is a standard LISP thing to remove duplicates from a
> list. You can do an efficient implementation in a few lines of C for g_slist,
> it's far harder (I think) for g_list, and also much harder with iterators.

It may be harder, but it's already defined in the STL, so why care ? :-)
> I'm not saying C++-style lists are bad, just that there are
> arguments for the way things are now.

I don't think any of them is worth being forever tied to an


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