Re: GtkTable replacement

On Tue, 9 Nov 1999 wrote:

> From what I know, a GtkTable can not be resized (You can not add new
> columns/rows after creating it). Is this true? In that case, is that true
> for your GtkTable version too?

You can add and remove child widgets in both the existing GtkTable and in
my version. I don't about the 1.0.x series, but it works in 1.2.x.

There are three groups of functions that I know would be useful in my
subclass, that I am not sure would fit in GtkTable. These are:

* Hide/show a square of table cells.

* Insert/remove rows and columns within the table, and not just at the
  right and/or the bottom.

* Resize columns/rows. Either by moving an imaginary border a relative
  amount or set a new width or height for a row, column or child widget.

I would like to get people's opinions on this.

 / Johan
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