GBlippie version redhog.3 patch for Gtk/Gnome

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This is a patch to add blippieness to Gtk/Gnome. The concept of
blippieness is described in the README (Attached), and at This patch has been uploaded to I do hope it will make its way into the main
developement trunk.

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Gtk Blippie patch version redhog.3

This patch is against gtk+-1.2.6 and gnome-libs-1.0.53

This patch adds a functionality i call blippieness; which is, that the
menus and toolbars are hidden as long as the mouse is not in the window,
hence, the document or other, keyboard modifiable widgets are given more
space. Other widgets may as well be registered to blipp, but only menus
and toolbars do it by default (But that's easy to change). The main usage
of this is if someone implements a driver for the new MS mouse that sends
a signal when you touch a releases it. This driver may then send a enter
nodify/leave notify to the window with the cursor when the mouse is
tuched and released, respectively. This would result in, that when you put
your hands on the keyboard to write a text in your textprocessor, the
menus dissapear, and your possible maximized window is filled with the
text you are editing, only. As soon as you put your hand on the mouse
again, the mouse-modifiable widgets appears again.

More conceptional/philosophical information is available from

The newest version of this patch is allways available from

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