Re: Question about Makefile templates for gtk

On Mon, 08 Nov 1999 09:48:19 -0500, Craig Rodrigues wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 08, 1999 at 11:27:56AM +0100, Erik Mouw wrote:
>> No, it is not a bug in the build tools. It (usually) makes no sense to
>> link with other libraries when you build a library. The linker won't
>> include the other libraries anyway.
> Well, when you build libgtk, you ARE linking in other libraries:
> libgmodule, libglib, libXll, libXext, and libm.  The Makefile
> currently comments out the libtool flag to link in libgdk:

No, you are linking objects into a shared library. You are not linking
other shared libraries into a new shared library. In other words: libgtk
*depends* on libgdk, libglib (etc.), but it does not *link* them.
Otherwise making a separate library for gdk and glib would be useless.

> #$(top_builddir)/gdk/
> I tried uncommenting the line out, and when I tried to rebuild,
> I got the error:
> libtool: link: error: cannot link shared libraries into libtool libraries

That's correct.

> I looked in libtool and found:
>       link_against_libtool_libs=
>       # How the heck are we supposed to write a wrapper for a shared library?
>       if test -n "$link_against_libtool_libs"; then
>          $echo "$modename: error: cannot link shared libraries into libtool
> libraries" 1>&2
>          exit 1
>       fi
> So as Joel Becker pointed out, this looks like a libtool problem.

No, it really makes no sense. The application that *uses* libgtk is
supposed to link all the other libraries that libgtk depends on.


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