Re: Patch for in glib

On Mon, Nov 08, 1999 at 09:39:07AM +0000, Sebastian Wilhelmi wrote:
> Hi, Craig 
> > This patch cleans up the test for POSIX getpwuid_r().
> > Under AIX, the test wasn't executing properly, so the
> > wrong version of getpwuid_r() was being used, and the glib
> > library would coredump.
> Ok, I checked that patch in.
> Still I think, that xlc_r is broken, because it wouldn't notice, if AIX hadn't
> a POSIX version of getpwuid_r even with your test (or am I missing something
> here?)

No, you're not missing anything.  If xlc_r wasn't brain-dead, the test
would be fine.  It doesn't seem to return an error code if it finds
a C funtion with an incorrect number of arguments.  (However, the C++
compiler, xlC_r, does return an error).

The change I submitted works under Solaris and Linux as well as AIX,
things will be OK.  I *really* hate finding bugs in compilers. :) 
Craig Rodrigues          

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