Re: close -> destroy

Perhaps it might be a good idea to change this default behavior, for a couple

	1. It seems very uncommon that the default close behavior wil lbe used, and
even when it is, a signal handler is still used alot of the time to do some
other random stuff and could just as easily destroy the widget itself..

	The other, more compelling reason, is that it is a "Window Manager Optional"
protocol, meaning that if someone does all their development with a window
manager that doest supoort it, suddenly their program behaves very strangely on
other systems due to the drastic defaults. for just the case of window_delete
this isnt that bad, since most people understand/use a window manger that
supoortes it, but in the future once more and different "Window Manager
Optional" protocols are supported, if we continue to create drastic defaults
(such as this one.) suddenly old programs are broken due to a WM update, if new
protocols are by default ignored then it is inconsistant with the window_delete
signal... just something to think about... its not that vital but i thought id
mention it for the sake of design cleanliness...

> > I create a nice dialog with ok and cancel button and present it to 
> > the user, now he press not ok nor cancel, but the close button of the WM, 
> > and --> boom ! my widget is destroyed, not hide nor anything else, 
> > destroyed.

John Meacham

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