Re: Bug in configure

On Wed, 12 May 1999, David Odin wrote:

>  Since, this hasn't been fixed in the 1.2.3, I repost this mail,
>  should I CC: it to Owen Taylor?

nope, the core gtk developers are monitoring this list pretty concentrated ;)

> -------------- Beginning of reposted message --------------------------------
>   Hi,
>   A friend of mine tried to compile gtk+-1.2.1 without installing glib-1.2.1.
> glib-1.2.1 is well compiled in /usr/src/glib-1.2.1 but not installed, and
> gtk+-1.2.1 was configured with: ./configure --with-glib=../glib-1.2.1

the baseline is, --with-glib isn't really supported in 1.2, tell your friend
to simply install glib under the same prefix as gtk and go without --with-glib.

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