Re: [gtk-devel] Depth checking

On Mon, May 03, 1999 at 11:33:17AM -0700, Karl Nelson wrote:
> I was thinking of adding a feature to the gdk kit to enforce the
> X restriction that the depth of a GC must match the Drawable 
> from which it is being used.  To do this, a depth cache will
> be added to the GdkWindowPrivate and GdkGCPrivate.  (This also
> saves a trip to the server in a number of places in the gdk API.
> Currently to get the depth you must request the visual from
> from the server and then check its depth.)  Since the depth is
> invarient over the life of the window this a good candidate 
> for caching.
> I have completed the modifications in a test gdk version.
> It compiles and runs without any noticable problems. 
> Is there any problems or issues with these changes?  It there
> any reason not to submit a patch for it?

I think that in the long run we may want to hide the visual/depth
problems from the programmer and have a GC that can be used with
any visual/depth (kind of like the Y window system).
This may be an issue for Gtk+ 2.0, thuogh if we ever agree on it.


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