Re: Is there glib TODO?

[Ami: forwarded to the list at John's request.]

On Wed, May 05, 1999 at 07:08:47PM -0400, Ami Ganguli wrote:
> I thought it might be interesting to implement Mozilla's NSPR on top of glib.
> Then start beefing up glib and thinning out NSPR.  Eventually it might be
> possible for the Mozilla folks to write only to GTK/GLIB and not worry about
> all their cross-platform stuff.  My reason for wanting this is 1/ it might
> help out future versions of Mozilla, 2/ it would contribute to making GTK/GLIB
> a really useful for cross-platform development.

what is the scope of NSPR? It seems that this is a good idea in moderation... I
mean you dont want to end up completly rewriting the entire OS interface in
glib. I think a good boundry would be POSIX, if POSIX already standardizes it
then the OS itself should provide compatability with that... glib should pick up
for higher level stuff, where more advanced funcionality than either POSIX or
whatever suplies. when an existing standard gets something right, theres no
point in creating a new API. for non-POSIX or almost-POSIX OS's then probably
the best solution would be to create a POSIX layer on that OS for just what is
needed and distribute that with glib, that way we dont have to bulk up glib and
it can be dropped when the OS "catches up" or whatever... of course if 
existing standards are obviously very wrong and unworkable then a new interface
might make sense.... 

John Meacham

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