Re: Am I too impatient? was: [PATCH] Wheel mice (try one)

On 29 Mar 1999, Owen Taylor wrote:

> If you are submitting a patch that makes substantial
> changes to the GTK+ API, then it is good to post
> a message explaining the changes and asking for
> comments.

This patch doesn't make changes to the API except the addition of a global
variable and a helper function ...

> My general opinion on the global option problem is that
> we should first solve the (harder) problem of setting
> widget arguments from an RC file, then the global option
> problem will be fairly obvious.

... maybe we should use a GTK_MOUSE_ACTION_MODMASK() macro which would
resolve to a hard coded value unless we have this global options stuff
done, then it would resolve to a function call(*) (or the variable itself,
if existent).

Just a thought.


(*): This would make it easy for programmers to use global options, to use
them they just have to recompile, when compiled with a "non-option-aware"
version of gtk, the options would be hardcoded.
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