Re: Am I too impatient? was: [PATCH] Wheel mice (try one)

Hi, Owen, hi rest,

On 27 Mar 1999, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Nils Philippsen <> writes:
> > A week ago I submitted a patch to this list and still haven't received an
> > answer to it yet. This confuses me a bit, I was sure that this is the
> > right list to post patches for gtk+ (or should it go to gtk-list?)
> The simple answer is, yes, you are too impatient ;-)

I almost expected this answer ;-)

> We try to look at patches as quickly as possible, but that
> is not always as quickly as we would like... 
> Unfortunately, your patches is far from being the oldest patch we
> have sitting around needing a response :-( 

This is what I feared... Would it be more intelligent to post such stuff
also to gtk-list (not just gtk-devel) to have more (potential) testers. So
when you (i.e. the core team) get the chance to mess with it, other people
already have tested it and e.g. found problems, flaws?

> I'll try to take a look at your patch in the next few
> days as I get caught back up here. I haven't looked at
> the code yet, but my initial reaction from your
> description is:
>  - Moving the stuff I put into gtkmain.c somewhere else
>    is probably appropriate. I'm not sure yet where that
>    "else" is.

Me neither.

>  - gdk_std_modifier_mask() is in the wrong layer (policy
>    belongs in GDK), is configured in the wrong way -
>    the user, not the application, should set this stuff and
>    the idea of having one "standard modifier" is a bit dubious 
>    to begin with.

I didn't mean applications to set this resource, my thought was that
themes (or a gtkrc resource) would set this, but I wasn't sure how to
handle this with gtkrc. I must admit the name is misleading, maybe
{gdk,gtk}_mouse_action_modifier or so is more appropriate. But IANA

>    I'd almost rather actually leave this stuff hardcoded until
>    we have a way of letting the _user_ set such options.

gtkrc? I think I'll take a look into this.

Thanks for the response,
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