CTree/CList bug.


First I noticed this with the ctree, then I noticed it again since I got a
seg fault with the clist. Its probably a bug...

1. Create a new clist
2. Connect the signal "select_row" to appropriate function.
3. set selection type to "GTK_SELECTION_BROWSE"

Add a couple of items to the clist

In the sig handler for the clist

1. Print out the row,col values.
2. Then get the text with gtk_clist_get_text(clist,row,co...)

Okay, to trigger this just click on a item in the list. Then hold down the
mousebutton and move to another item.

It returns negative column values to the sig handler, if you pass that
negative column to gtk_clist_get_text your program won't be up and running
much more.


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