Re: Plans for 1.3/1.4

It's a start but it has a *long* way to go. I looks like it'll be a
good document though.

In my 5 minute take on it, I've noticed a glaring omission in the
Developers Tutorial section. There isn't a declaration of the variable
'app' which is used thus:

app = gnome_app_new ("hello", "Hello World Gnomified");

which makes things kinda hard.


On 02-Mar-99 Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>> > The problem with GNOME is that the developer documentation is
>> > virtually non-existant, which makes it a *lot* harder for a
>> > developer
>> > moving to GNOME to get anything done. I know the GTK
>> > documentation
>> > isn't perfect, but it at least gives a developer a head start.
>> > 
>> True.
> Not quite.  Look at the GNOME web site now.  We have put the
> existing
> documentation which is generated from the source files there now.
> Miguel.

We are not a clone.

Go Bezerk!

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