Re: Plans for 1.3/1.4


> > 5) A bit stronger themes?
> > 
> >    Ability for non-rectangural checkboxes and making themes expandable
> > without breaking binary compatibility would be handy.
> You may like to take a look at my theme work at
> (the .jpgs there show it at
> work).  It works pretty nicely and allows a certain degree of theme
> expandability, but it certainly does break binary conpatibility.  Any
> ideas on how to do these in a binary compatible yet clean fashion

I took a look, looks nicely. My idea would be:

gtk+ allocates GtkStyleClass, and fills in all fields to default
behaviour. Theme overwrites some of them with functions/values it
wants to supply.

PS: Notice that in my patch I added new GdkStyleExpand field - that
was in order not to break binary compatibility with existing
themes. Above approach is cleaner but breaks binary compatibility.
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