Re: Upcoming GLib changes

"Sergio A. Kessler" <> writes:

> Tim Janik <> el día Wed, 30 Jun 1999 18:25:52 +0200 (CEST), 
> escribió:
> >sorry trog, i don't even get the convenience point in
> >g_string_str (foo)
> >vs.
> >foor->str
> Hmmm, have you thinked in binding languajes ?
> I mean, if  foo->str  is the option, then languaje bindings must
> translate the struct too... or I'm wrong ?

Well, back to this issue ;-)


 1) Language bindings almost certainly should not wrap
    GString. Languages other than C will have their own
    string abstractions. GStrings are not used anywhere
    in the GDK/GTK+ api - they are a convenience functionality
    for applications.

 2) If a lanuage binding needs an accessor for foo->str,
    then they can provide one.


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