Re: glib.h: defining functions in header file

On Wed, 30 Jun 1999, Tim Janik wrote:

> [ good explanation of g_logv, G_LOG_DOMAIN, and why g_error & friends
>   must be defined in the header ]

a-ha! Now I understand. Thanks for correcting me and explaining this.

> nope, glibconfig.h is only suitable for the machine+compiler+installation
> combination that glib has been configured for. e.g. i need to reconfigure
> glib (which implies rm -f config.cache) if i want to compile code with
> lcc, use another threads implementation or downgrade my kernel/libc.

OK, that's what I suspected. I guess I just got lucky when using glib
compiled with SUNWspro from a program compiled with gcc.

> it has been suggested at some point to make glib's and
> glibconfig.h support multiple compiler setups, but so far no one
> has really implemented a solution for that.
> [specifics on how this could be done]

Sounds like a neat idea.

thanks for your explanations,

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