Re: glib 1.3/1.4 plans

Jeff Garzik <> writes:

> FWIW I will be looking at Tony Gale's gchecksum code and posting an RFC
> for a final checksum API in a couple weeks, and also looking into the
> g_stack/g_queue cleanups TimJ talked about long ago.
> I also want to add a cheesy initial implementation of g_alloca --
> without the g_strdup_a macro and its variants.
> What else is there in the queue for 1.3/1.4?  TimJ/Owen?

When Tim was over here visiting a week or so ago, we 
reviewed the changes that have gone into 1.3 so far,
and came up with some action points, which Tim should
be posting here soon. Basically, there is a fair a bit
of cleaning up to be done.

I don't think either Tim or I has a lot of ambitious
plans for GLib 1.3. In fact, we'd like to see it remain
fairly small and lean. 

There probably will be a small amount of Unicode support
functions (me), and some improvements to the main
loop stuff (me too). Other than that, I think most
of what I'd be looking at would be small enhancements,
like adding a couple of more g_string functions.

I think it would be good to see some sort of regex
support going in. Other than that it is a matter
of balancing demand for features (there is a ton
of stuff that _could_ go in) against wanting to
keep GLib small enough so that anybody can feel
comfortable using it in any program.


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