Re: dnd internals questions.

Owen Taylor wrote:
> Todd Dukes <> writes:
> > I want to change the drag icon used by clist for drags.
> >
> But if you want to change the drag icon for reordering
> rows in the CList, I think the answer is that it isn't
> possible. Basically, the reordering DND is not really
> set up to be customized either in drag types, or icons
> sorry.
> People who want to support both reordering and DND from
> a CList widget have so far typically used different
> buttons for each operation. It is a bad UI hack, admittedly,
> but about the best you can do right now.

I was not using the reordering that is internal to clist. I 
was doing it all myself. I just set the clist to be both a
target and a source. Whether there is a target or not you
cannot set the drag icon. I haven't checked, but it looks like
it is the same for ctree. Even if you change the drag icon,
when gtk_clist_drag_begin gets called, it is changed back to
the default icon. I see this as a big limitation. 

What exactly is drag_begin for? Only 3 or 4 widgets implement it
and I didn't see a default method.

> > Also, is it possible to control the drag icon used by which modifiers
> > ( ctrl, alt, shift ) are held down when the drag begins?
> I'm not quite sure what you are asking, but, probably not:
>  - the cursor for each operation (move, copy, link, ask)
>    is fixed. (However, you can influence the default operation
>    by changing the mask of possible operations)
>  - the assignment of modifier keys to operations is also fixed.
> It would be a bad idea to change either item, because it
> would confuse the users.

I believe you answered my question. 

See if I understood your answer. You are basically saying that 
even though you can set an alternate drag icon, you cannot set
an alternate group of icons that are selected based on the drag
modifiers. I assume that the cursor is drawn on top of 
the drag icon automatically by the x server, gtk just changes 
the mouse cursor to use. I wanted to change the icon in addition
to the cursor. Maybe I'll be able to get the users to look at the
tiny cursor instead of a big drag icon :)

> Regards,
>                                         Owen

Owen, Glad to see you are catching up on your email.

Todd & Lisa Dukes

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