Re: Gtk containers

Nils Philippsen wrote:
me again..(after a few days out of town)

> > ok, just let suppose for a second that the information reside in the
> > children, isn't this simpler and more object-oriented-alike ?
> > (working with an interface builder, that's it)
> You can virtually have an unlimited number of methods to pack children in
> containers, thus you can't have all information in the child, because at
> the creation of the child's code it can't know about packing methods
> developed afterwards. This is a mathematical problem, not a programming
> problem.

it's not about to cover all the packing methods (in the current approach
you need unlimited numbers of differents containers then..)

but, let's try it...
Suppose that I have a special version of Gtk where the containers just
hold the childs, when a resize message comes the container resize itself
and pass the signal to all of the children, every child will decide if
it resize itself or not.
Also my widgets have a Align property (Left, Bottom, Client, None, etc)
and a Anchors property (left, rigth, etc) for resizing purposes inside
the parent.

So shot at me with a layout(*), if I can't resolve your layout i will
give you all the reason and end of discussion.

(*) a reasonable layout, one you can do with the current Gtk.

  |    Sergio A. Kessler
-O_O-  You can have it Soon, Cheap, and Working; choose *two*.

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