Re: Gtk containers

Iain wrote:
> > > No and yes. No, it's a property of the child and yes, the parent is
> > > responsible for it.
> >
> > sorry, but this is confusing...  an object has a property he can't
> > control..
> The widget doesn't have X and Y properties.

pardon me, but then what is 
gtk_widget_set_uposition(GtkWidget *widget,
                         gint x,
                         gint y);  ?

> The programmer tells which
> container/box the widget is to go in, and the container tells the widget
> where to go. It is done this way, so that windows can be scaled. and so the
> widget grows as the window is made larger. 

I know the reason why it is done this way, and is the rigth way IF you do
simple interfaces and IF you do it by hand (is a lot simpler).

> Soemthing that can't be done with
> fixed widgets, without a lot of extra hassle.

this extra hassle goes far, far away when you use an interface builder.

I'm just arguing from a interface builder viewpoint, for example, I've
found Gle (from Tim Janik) and reading from the docs it seems that he
have a really hard time with containers, wich I understand.
Read the 'Linkage magic' part of docs/design.txt of Gle.

  |    Sergio A. Kessler
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