Gtk containers

I'm severely confused ...

For example, take a GtkFixed, now put a button inside, now you
expect that setting the x & y (gtk_widget_set_uposition) 
properties of the button, this widget is relocated inside 
the container, no ? No.

Why on earth I must use gtk_fixed_move() to change the position
of a button ?
The position of a children is a children's property, not of anyone else.
Why on earth a container has the properties of their childrens ?

If I want to change a button's property I must talk with the
button, not with the container..

I'm begining to understand why there are dozens of containers
in Gtk ...

What about having a minimalist container, then for example
add a button inside and do gtk_widget_set_uposition() or
gtk_widget_set_alignment( my_btn, my_gtk_alignment) and
then the button positiones or align itself inside the parent ??
(btw, this is how the libraries I work behave, from Borland wich
have a long experience on GUI libraries)

I think this would obsolete all the containers and make
things more easy, cleaner and consistent, no ?


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