Re: gtk and html

Inside gnome-libs, there's the gtk-xmhtml stuff.  There's also a browser
called Gzilla which is GTK based.  I am the maintainer of an IM client
called gaim ( written in GTK+.  I have written a
(sort of) html widget, it's not really seperatable from gaim, and it's not
designed to handle much but Instant Messenger stuff (which is HTML based),
and it's still in CVS now, but if you'd like a copy of the source, let me
know.  The design is, BTW, not suitable for a real browser although it does
handle links and all that stuff.

- jrd

Roman wrote:

> Hi there,
> does anybody of you know something about gdk and html?
> Are there functions which can handle complete html sites or is there a
> low level support?
> Does a gdk based browser exist, where can i take a look at the source
> code?

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