Re: embedded gtk

GLIB should be fine without an X server, so should GTK actually -- it never
calls any X functions (if it does, only a couple), always calls GDK stuff.
The guys designed it well in that respect in the first place.  However a
good deal of GDK will have to be rewritten.  A lot of functionality will
simply have to be tossed, there's a lot of windowing stuff that you'd have
to get rid of.  I'm not positive how you'd handle multiple windows or
anything.  The GDK draw functions would be fairly easy to rewrite in
SVGAlib or something like that, draw line, draw rectangle, etc.  You'd have
to provide XPM functionality (which wouldn't be too difficult).   All in
all it looks like a somewhat large project but not too difficult, depending
on how much windowing functionality you'd need.


Roman wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> i want to run the gdk/ gtk package without any X server. I hear that
> there is a possibility to get it work with svgalib or a so called gd1
> lib. But i can't find anything concret information about it. The result
> should be a running gdk/ gtk on embedded system. The system consist of 8
> MB flash and 16 MB ram. I think thats enough for a small embedded linux
> with gtk.
> Do you have any usefull information to me? It must not  a complete
> solutio, i can help interate. But i don't know where to start.
> Thanks in advance
> Roman Jordan
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