use_uposition in gtkwindow.c

I've been trying to fix up the geometry-hint-setting
code in gtkwindow.c. (There were a number of cases
where geometry hints would not be set correctly
if they changed after a window was first realized.)

In doing, I've discovered some real oddities with

There was a change last summer:

Wed Jun 24 16:38:02 1998  Tim Janik  <>
	* gtk/gtkwindow.c (gtk_window_move_resize): save ->use_uposition around
	gtk_window_set_hints(), since we haven't calculated the new position

However, gtk_window_set_hints is the only place where
use_uposition is ever set to FALSE. So, the effect of
this is that it used to be that setting a window
to, say, GTK_WIN_POS_CENTER would only have an
effect once each time the window was mapped, and if
the size subsequently changed, there would be no

However, now, the position changes every time the
size changes. Actually, the ChangeLog comment
doesn't make sense, since we don't even pay
attention to the value of ->use_uposition in
the following code.

I'm not sure which behavior is better, but if want
to keep the current behavior, the code should be
cleaned up to get rid of the ->use_uposition flag.


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