Re: Upcoming GLib changes

Owen Taylor wrote:
> > Hmmm, have you thinked in binding languajes ?
> > I mean, if  foo->str  is the option, then languaje bindings must
> > translate the struct too... or I'm wrong ?
> Well, back to this issue ;-)


well, if you don't mind, I'll be bothering sometimes just to keep
gtk hackers aware of us.
> IMO:
>  1) Language bindings almost certainly should not wrap
>     GString. Languages other than C will have their own
>     string abstractions. GStrings are not used anywhere
>     in the GDK/GTK+ api - they are a convenience functionality
>     for applications.

Oh no ! another special case for the translator !
(but you are rigth, we don't need GStrings - in pascal)

>  2) If a lanuage binding needs an accessor for foo->str,
>     then they can provide one.

I would die to know this ... (beverage of your choice)

I mean, I don't have the struct because it's opaque, all
I have is a pointer to the struct and the rest of the accesors, 
how I can make an accesor to a field that I don't know if it's there ?

  |    Sergio A. Kessler
-O_O-  You can have it Soon, Cheap, and Working; choose *two*.

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