Re: Another question, and request for followups

Jeff Evarts <> writes:

> Question:
> 	Is there a way (still looking through the docs for
> 	one, don't see anything obvious in the source) to
> 	create an input-only window? I have a need to make
> 	a transparent event-box widget, and it seems like
> 	this would be a good place for an input-only window.

GDK supports it. There is no GTK+ widget that does so
currently. I've thought that a neat idea for a widget
would be a BIN widget that put an input-only window
over its child. (GtkLexan ?)

It shouldn't be that hard to write.
> Followups:
> 	Shawn was the only person to reply to me about the
> 	weighting idea for hbox and vbox. Does anyone else
> 	think this would be a good or bad idea? Tables are
> 	rather a lot of overhead for so simple a task.

If tables do what you want, then I think that is a simpler
solution than making boxes as complicated as tables. ;-)


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