RE: Porting GDK to libggi

>> Rodrigo Moya writes:
>>  > GLIB/GDK/GTK have been already ported (I don't know if the project
>>  > continues). Check out
>> Yes, it continues, and tracks the CVS development version. A better
>> URL to bookmark would be (which does
>> get redirected to the one you mentioned, but which will be valid
>> "forever", even when I switch webspace provider next time). There is
>> also a (manually updated) mirror at
>> .
>> --tml
>That is the Windoze port isn't it, I thought he was asking about
>porting to the GGI libraries (Generic Graphics Interface) which is
>actually an interesting idea (to me at least). If there is a port
>being done to this interface I would be interested in hearing more
>about it and possibly helping (although I am new to both gtk+ and

Exactly, that was my idea. libggi is a graphic library which can use
different targets, this includes: svgalib, fbcon, kgicon, glide, X, X-lib,
and much more (for example, VNC is under construction). I only wanted to
know about the win32 port to learn something from them.

- yiyus

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