Re: New 'GObject' as base for GtkObject?

>    None of these are trivial applications.  While GtkObject may not
>    be ideal for all purposes, it seems to 
>    work reasonably well for doing large-granualarity C-based
>    object system. 

Just voicing my opinion here:  I agree with Owen completely here.  

> What is your timeline for improving GtkObject to the point you would
> feel comfortable with people using it for non-GUI purposes? Is there a
> reason why this couldn't be done now, and the improvments made as part
> of the separate library?

I personally would like to see nice macros to set up the object class
hierarchy in a simpler fashion.  

Even if it assumes some hardcoded "names" and only in the
implementation side of things:

GTK_OBJECT_MAKE_TYPE(parent_object_type, new_type, Pare)


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