Re: SelectionNotify and GtkText, etc...

	Well, I am writing an application that needs to paste selections
without clients having asked for them.  For some reason I just assumed
that everyone would have written their widgets as "event driven" so that
they did not actually know the difference between receiving a
SelectionNotify, or receiving a SelectionNotify after having called
XConvertSelection().  I just envisioned everything having a case for that
event, regardless.  Upon testing I noticed that some clients accept random
SelectionNotify events while most don't.  rxvt handles the situation like
I want it to, gtk and xterm don't.  (Actually, I think xterm still uses
cut buffers or something)  I suppose you are correct, upon further
inspection, ICCCM doesn't seem to imply that receiving random
SelectionNotify events is called for.
	So I guess my new question is, how would I go about hacking this
functionality?  When does GtkText call XConvertSelection()?  I can't seem
to make it call XConvertSelection() by sending it a button2 XButtonEvent.


				- Mike

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On 2 Dec 1999, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Mike Benham <> writes:
> > 	When a GtkText widget receives a proper (xlib) SelectionNotify
> > event without having previously requested a selection by sending a
> > SelectionRequest event or calling XConvertSelection(), it responds by
> > promptly doing nothing.  Why is this?  Is there any way to make a Gtk
> > widget receive a selection without it having asked for it?
> Should there be? What use would this feature be?
> (The ICCCM certainly doesn't imply that you should handle random
>  SelectionNotify events; I don't think that other toolkits do so
>  either, though I never even thought of investigating the possibility.)
> Regards,
>                                         Owen
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