Re: gtk 1.2.4 breaks my applications :(

hi owen,
> > i also found an other strange problem which does *not*
> > exists if i only install 1.2.4 (btw. the programs are
> > using the shared libs). *but* if i recompile my programs
> > with the new gtk+ installation it is there:
> > drag and drop from my filemanager to my application panel
> > does not work.. !?
> Can you give more details? Drag-and-drop did change
> a bit between 1.2.3 and 1.2.4, but I've extensively
> tested the new code.

strange.. after i've changed some lines to use _realize()
instead of _show() and your suggestions about gdk_pixmap_colormap..()
the problem disappeared. also if i use the old code base.
mhh.. don't know what happend. i will investigate once more
after if 've installed 1.2.4 again, cause just using
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and "-I..." meight be problematic.

thx for your help.

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