Re: gtk 1.2.4 breaks my applications :(

Rasca Gmelch <> writes:

> hi,
> since i've installed version 1.2.4 gtk+ i've some strange problems
> which i havn't with 1.2.3.
> in my app i create first a toplevel and a box widget. then i
> call gtk_widget_show() cause i need a window to create pixmaps.
> then i add other widgets. the problem with 1.2.4 is that
> the toplevel will not be resized after the _show() call also
> if i add other diffent widgets to the box widget :-((
> is that a bug or a feature of gtk+? according to the changelog
> there changed some thing with the geometry management.. i
> think it's not a good idea to change the gtk+ lib in a way that
> it breaks current programs.

If your program worked with 1.2.3 and doesn't work with
1.2.4, then its a bug. (We are still actually struggling
a bit with gtkwindow.c and will put out a 1.2.5 shortly).

Code that demonstrates the problem here would be much 


[ That being said, there are much better ways of making
  pixmaps than prematurely showing your toplevel windows.
  At minimum you should use gtk_widget_realize() instead
  of gtk_widget_show() so that the user doesn't see the
  window at the wrong size. But, even better, use
  gdk_pixmap_colormap_create_from_xpm[_d] () and 
  gtk_widget_get_colormap(). ]   

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